Wardrobe Essentials for 大学 Girls 2021

这是每位女大学生衣橱里应该有的终极指南. Includes wardrobe basics for every college student’s closet.

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在我上大一之前, I spent around 40 minutes stressing over which black t-shirt to pack; the only difference between the two was a scoop neck vs. 把肩膀剪掉! This is the guide I wish I had while packing for college,和我现在用的那个.

Whether you’re starting your first or final year of college, always remember: less is more when you’re living in a dorm or apartment!

你应该有足够的干净衣服和内衣,每个季节至少一周. Otherwise you’ll end up doing laundry multiple times a week, something you won’t have time or the willpower for.

Without further ado, here is what I believe to be 这本书是每个大学女生衣橱里都该有的权威指南这是你未来四年大学生活中真正想要穿的衣服.


经典4 t恤


Get a few basic tees or tank tops of varying lengths (cropped tees count, too) in different basic colors like black, 白色, 灰色和海军蓝. Also throw in at least one fun tee in your favorite color for variety!

的se can be worn alone in summer or layered under cardigans, 夹克, 冬天穿长袖上衣. (请参阅im电竞体育的指南 日常的衣服 im电竞体育多么喜欢穿这些.)

3 Cute Tops (Blouses, Bodysuits, 和/or Basic Crop Tops)

的se would be your trendy pieces that rotate from year to year; they can include crop tops, 可爱的哥伦比亚坦克, 和衬衫!

Don’t bring too many from home since they’ll clutter up your closet, 在回家的路上,你可以很容易地在宿舍和房子之间交换物品(或者让你的父母给你寄东西,如果需要的话).


超大号的, cozy sweaters are my favorite thing to wear during the winter, 和 no one can convince me otherwise.

Make sure the vast majority are not dry clean only options; I scored a nice sweater from J.船员 清仓区20美元, 结果发现我在大学里几乎从来没穿过它,因为我害怕把它弄脏!

(查看im电竞体育的指南 大学里最好的毛衣 to see the types of sweaters you need to pack.)


I have a pair of flowy shorts, some cute bike shorts, 和 牛仔短裤 in three colors: vintage wash, 白色, 和 black.

Agolde短裤 above are a splurge, but they have honestly changed my life! 它们比我试过的任何一双都更合身,我的这双每周都要穿好几次.

2 - 3休闲短裙/连衣裙

如果你不能想象自己穿着可爱的裙子舒服地坐着, 也许该重新考虑一下包装. (欲了解更多,请参阅im电竞体育的指南 类型的裙子 还有你上大学需要的衣服!)


No college wardrobe 至关重要的s list would be complete without jeans! 买牛仔裤时要注意内缝长度、质量和价格.

就我个人而言,我一直最喜欢的牛仔裤是上面这几条来自Topshop的牛仔裤. 我住在 他们的妈妈牛仔裤 (so incredibly flattering 和 no gapping at the waist). 对于阔腿牛仔裤, 90年代的黄金牛仔裤 价格昂贵,但令人惊叹. So cute 和 comfy for those Y2K vibes.

If you don’t want to shell out for Topshop or Agolde’s jeans, I’ve also had amazing luck with AE, 特别是 他们的妈妈牛仔裤!


I suggest buying running or workout 紧身裤 since they last longer, 降低内裤露出线的几率, 和 can be used for actually working out.

虽然 Lululemon对齐紧身裤 are incredibly popular on campus (see our Lululemon购物小贴士 为了省钱), 看看其他主要的运动品牌, 亚马逊 (I have the ones above 和 they are butter-soft!), 和 even Old Navy; their 紧身裤 hold up surprisingly well even during a workout.



Popular options include 白色 Air Force 1s, 经典别说凉鞋, any type of Converse or New Balance sneakers, 和幻灯片. (See our article on the best casual 鞋子上大学 有关这些内容的深入指南!)


A classic leather or jean jacket can make you look more put-together, 和 either option goes with practically everything! (This faux leather jacket from Nordstrom 在im电竞体育读者中非常受欢迎,而且有很多五星好评!)

Don’t forget a sweatshirt with your college logo on it too; school spirit never goes out of style.

(欲了解更多,请参阅im电竞体育的名单 coats 和 夹克 you need for college.)



确保这个选择是温暖的,适合学校寒冷的月份. 这件North Face夹克 is insanely popular on every college campus during the winter months.


Buy a cute jewelry organizer if you have a lot of jewelry, 如果你知道自己容易丢东西(就像我一样),就不要带太伤感或太贵的东西, 呀!). (请参阅im电竞体育的名单 大学里最好的珠宝 for to learn exactly what you need to bring.)



Make sure your bag is large enough for your school supplies, secure enough to carry your laptop, 携带舒适.

的 backpack above is a really popular choice on campus, but we have even more recs in our articles on 2021年的可爱背包袋上大学.

A week’s worth of Bralettes/Bras/Socks/Underwear

Bring extras for all of these 至关重要的 项目; you never want to be wearing dirty socks! I’ve found a two weeks supply of the above works best for me.

每个人的内衣都是由最具弹性的材料制成的, most breathable fabric on the planet. I like to buy value packs of Hanes socks on 亚马逊. (请参阅im电竞体育的指南 最好的bralettes for an in-depth guide to bralette shopping!)


1 Pair of Good Sneakers for Exercise


它是 至关重要的 你现在穿的鞋子是为你自己选择的锻炼而设计的,而且是有支撑作用的. 受伤既不好玩也不可爱!

话虽这么说, don’t be afraid to buy really colorful or fun workout shoes; they’ll motivate you to get out the door 和 workout more often!

(请参阅im电竞体育的指南 最好的运动鞋子 for detailed help finding your perfect pair.)


运动胸罩有三种类型:低强度、中等强度和高强度. 知道你需要什么类别! 如果你是A杯或B杯, 对于高强度的运动,你也可以选择中等强度的运动胸罩.

My favorite br和s for sports bras include 耐克,在甲. I really like listening to music while running, so I included 我最喜欢的运动胸罩 with a pocket that can fit my iPhone, id, 和 house key!

4 - 5运动上衣


Moisture wicking is key to avoid looking like you jumped in a pool. Definitely invest in some workout tops that are comfortable 和 cute; you can wear them to class which will motivate you to run straight to the gym afterwards!

3 - 4锻炼臀部


我以我的 Fabletics 运动短裤. 从高中开始我就有了,从那以后我得出结论,它们实际上是坚不可摧的. That said, 亚马逊 has some insanely good 运动短裤 these days — these ones are my newest favorites 它们的品质令人惊叹!

Bring some sweatpants to throw over your 紧身裤 or shorts for the winter time too; no one wants to walk to the gym with freezing legs. 至少一条上面提到的黑色打底裤可以算得上是锻炼.

Bonus: 的se all work as back-up pajama bottoms 和 study clothes!


1-2 Casual Statement pieces (Ex: sundress, romper, jumpsuit)




Go for block heels or wedges over stilettos; your toes will thank you the next day. 也就是说,不要害怕购买不同颜色、质地或装饰的鞋子!

1 +夜总会服装

Bring at least one body-con or mini dress for any 合法产业 你可能会这么做; 地方性 和 Forever21 have great inexpensive options!

Avoid wearing expensive pieces; you will sweat while dancing, 和 you might be spilled on. Swap with friends to exp和 options!



如果你打算在大学里参加兄弟会聚会,你需要“兄弟会服”. That means a pair of beat up converse, 可机洗露脐上衣, 和 your hardiest pair of 牛仔短裤. (的 Agolde ones above in the shorts section should survive, but you could also get some cheaper ones for parties.)

虽然电影里的女孩们穿着漂亮的高跟鞋,盛装打扮,但这不是现实. You will be spilled on, stepped on, but hopefully not puked on.

增加一件便宜的夹克,在寒冷的月份里你可以不穿它, 最好不是黑色的,因为它将不可能在一个巨大的堆. (见im电竞体育的帖子 兄弟会派对服装 更多的想法!)


1 Pair of Good Rain boots or Snow boots


This is mostly dependent on where you go to school; check with current students to find out if your campus h和les rain well, 如果下雪会是一个问题.

If rain is the main concern, you can get away with 焦耳 靴子,上图. 他们很容易上当受骗 猎人 靴子,它们挺得住!

Duck boots are a great option for snowy campuses, 尽管北面的靴子很受欢迎,因为它们可以穿你四年甚至更久.



Trust me, you’ll be stuck walking in the rain to class at least once. 一定要看看im电竞体育的名单 可以不会忘记大学配件 for even more 项目 you need to pack.



请 don’t even think about setting foot in a communal shower without shower shoes; you can’t be sure what you’re stepping in. 我是我的超级粉丝 阿迪达斯 slides but clean flip flops work too!

1浴袍 & 一套非常舒适的睡衣


For my freshman girls using communal bathrooms, 当你裹着毛巾走在走廊上的时候,一件浴袍可以帮你免去担心自己会被夹住的麻烦. 带上你最喜欢的舒适睡衣,让自己想起家,并在学习之后奖励自己!

What are your college wardrobe must-haves?

现在你知道了,每个大学女生衣柜里最应该有的东西. 当然,这些只是我的观点,你可能也有自己的想法. (And for more on packing for college, see our guide to the college 至关重要的s you didn’t know you needed.)

如果你同意我的意见,请告诉我, 或者,如果你认为遗漏了什么,可以留言或发送电子邮件!

你衣柜里的必需品是什么? 请在评论中告诉我!

编者按: This post was originally published in 2008; it was completely updated 和 revamped in 2021 with new photos, 项目, 和信息.

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