大学 Dorm Room Decorations Guide for 2021

Our dorm room shopping guide concludes with cute 和 stylish dorm room decorations for girls on a budget.

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Dormify Good for You room for 2021 - yellow walls, string lights, posters, nightst和
房间里通过 Dormify

As our fourth 和 final installment of im电竞体育’s 大学宿舍购物 series, the focus today is on dorm room decorations. 这, 当然, is the most fun part of shopping for your room at college 和 an opportunity to show off your personality.

就宿舍装饰而言, so long as you are allowed to bring it (check with your school if you aren’t sure), 几乎任何事情都可能发生!



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One of the rules I mentioned in my post on 宿舍床上用品 applies to decorations too – you have the whole rest of your life to go with “practical” furnishings. 大学是你全力以赴的时候 表达你的风格. It’s socially acceptable to have a completely crazy room if that’s what you want. 玩得开心!

可爱的 & 负担得起的宿舍装饰

Check out some of my picks for cool dorm room decorations on a budget below!

Neon signs are insanely popular right now 和 这颗来自Dormify的心脏 is so cute — it’s sure to give any room some extra pizzaz. (Bonus: It’s also available in pink (waitlist) 和 blue!)

在im电竞体育,im电竞体育完全支持你 可爱的迎宾垫 for your dorm room so all your guests know they are welcome in your space. Plus, it means cleaner floors which is always a win.

My favorite no-hassle wall decor is the tapestry. Lucky for us, Dormify has tons of cute options, including 这个超漂亮的点印版本. Tapestries are easy to hang up 和 if you’re creative, they don’t require putting any holes in the wall, a huge plus when decorating your dorm room.

Pillows covered in fur are way more fun than other pillows 和 that is a fact. 这 simple 和 luxe-looking white version 是令人羡慕的. 它肯定能和任何东西搭配 宿舍配色方案 你可以想象.

You’ll want to have a way to display some photos of your family, 特别的地方, 和 all the memories you’ll be making at college. 这个可爱的照片衣架 是必须的!

好吧, this one is definitely a splurge but it is THE ULTIMATE selfie mirror for taking outfit pics or making TikToks. 这 gorgeous full-length leaning mirror comes with its own marquee lights for flawless lighting at all hours of the day. 这 is piece you’ll definitely want take with you when you move out of the dorms!

To keep all your rings 和 little things organized, get yourself a cute trinket dish! 这是一个皇冠的形状 庆祝你成为女王.

Twinkle string lights in a window from amazon

闪烁的灯光 are a fun way to brighten up your space 和 they are so versatile. 你可以把它们挂在窗户上, 在你的床上, 满墙都是, or put them in a container as make-shift mood lighting.

可爱的 dorm room decorations - pink pom pom pillows from Amazon

You can 从来没有 have enough throw pillows, especially 可爱的粉红色,上面有球球

There will be a lack of suitable seating in your dorm, so we suggest purchasing either lots of pillows or 像这样的靠背垫. Sometimes you’ll get tired of studying at your desk 和 this is a much more comfortable solution.

If you’re interested in making your space a little more tranquil, there’s nothing like a Himalayan salt lamp to purify the air. 这一个 is in the shape of a crescent moon; so witchy!

这个Instax的小照片夹 is the coolest way to display cute snaps. One can 从来没有 have enough photos in their dorm room!

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your stark white dorm room walls, 蕾丝面料花环 是一个很好的解决方案! Plus, this can double as party decoration which is 从来没有 一个糟糕的投资.

个性化您的空间与 有印字的钩 或两个. Not only is it cute as a button, it’ll keep your necklaces, scarves, or coats organized! 

Everyone in the dorm will have posters 和 framed photos on their walls. Why not freshen up your space with a fun wall light, like this darling cloud wall light from Dormify? 它很独特,很可爱.


霓虹灯就是好玩. 粉红色的火烈鸟的光 完全是复古的 affordable too; it’s less than $15! 

可爱的st dorm room decorations - pink planter

If you’re anything like me, you have a tendency to kill plants. 然而,随着 像这样的种植园主, I might be more tempted to keep one alive. 在这个花盆里种点多肉植物, 每隔几周浇一次水, 和 put it on your window sill for a sweet touch.


在im电竞体育,im电竞体育写过 数百 im体育官网如何装饰宿舍的帖子, including many DIY projects you can do for pennies. 访问 im电竞体育的宿舍部分 去看他们所有人!

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编者按: 这 post was originally published in 2007; it was completely updated 和 revamped in 2021 with new photos, 产品, 和信息.