18 Purple Nails Design Ideas You Need to Copy

Purple is trending this year, so here’s how to rock it on your nails.

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Header graphic of a 紫色的 glitter manicure and the text The Absolute Cutest Purple Nail Ideas

Over the past few months, we’ve been sharing a variety of nail ideas for every color in the rainbow. Today, we’re touching on one of the hottest fashion color trends of the past year, 紫色的.

Purple nails are definitely trendy this year and it’s such a cute look! These nails feel fresh, fun, and somehow a little bit futuristic. Purple gives me Y2K fashion vibes and I’m not mad about it.

While I particularly love lilac nails in the springtime, you can’t go wrong with 紫色的 nails year round. There are so many fun ways to wear 紫色的 nails, depending on your style.

需要一些紫色指甲的灵感? 请继续阅读 18个华丽的紫色指甲创意 to try for your next visit to the salon (or your next at-home mani).



Super Pretty Lilac Ombré Acrylic Nails

We’re kicking things off with this 华丽的紫色ombré指甲外观在丙烯酸指甲上完成. I love how this incorporates a bunch of different trends in one, 将ombré和亮片混合, 大理石, 和莱茵石. While this nail idea has a lot going on, it doesn’t feel too crazy thanks to the light pastel color scheme.

这个造型既有趣又引人注目, 非常适合度假, 生日聚会, or fun event you might have coming up. I could see this being super cute for prom, formals, or weddings as well.


紫色的大理石指甲在我身上噼噼啪啦地响! GLITTERBELS

这个丙烯酸指甲的样子 takes 紫色的 大理石 nails to the next level! It’s a bold take on the 大理石 nails trend, mixing a bunch of different shades of 紫色的 with glitter accents 和莱茵石 for a galaxy feel. If you want your mani to look like outer space, this is the nail idea for you.

These nails are super bold and in your face — definitely not for the timid! However, if you want to make a statement, get these nails done ASAP.


DIY French Polygel Nails for Beginners

I could not be more obsessed with these 紫蝴蝶的指甲 如果我试着! They’re so 2000s and they remind me of the early days of pop princesses like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.

I love that this nail tutorial shows you how to do gel at home. It’s definitely not something I ever would have attempted, but the tutorial makes it seem so simple.

Whether you do these nails at home or at a salon, they’re the perfect 裸体钉 with a pop of fun color — perfect for tons of occasions! Pair them with all of your 2000s-inspired outfits this season; they’ll look amazing.


How to: Pastel Purple Acrylic Nails feat. 音调的产品

Pastel nails are my favorite for the springtime and I love this fresh take on 淡紫色的指甲由丙烯酸树脂制成.

我喜欢他们选的椭圆形, and I especially love the glitter accents to make this look more interesting. The rhinestones adorning each ring finger bring this one over the top!


粉红色的 & Purple Acrylic Nails 🌸💜✨ | Encapsulated Flowers | Acrylic Nails Tutorial

粉色和紫色ombré指甲外观 太有趣了! You could have this done with the ombré effect on all of the nails, or you could make it more interesting by copying the look above, which incorporates two floral glitter accent nails. (Encapsulated glitter is such a huge trend in acrylic nails right now.)

No matter how you choose to rock this one, you’re sure to have nails that stand out from the rest.

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Glitter nails are always so much fun, and this is a stunning way to rock 紫色亮片指甲! When you go to the salon next time, why not try 裸体钉s with encapsulated glitter tips like these?

这 nail look incorporates 紫色的 glitter and butterflies for a look that’s ultra sparkly and glam. I could totally see these for a springtime formal or even New Year’s Eve!



我一直盯着这些东西看 淡紫色的指甲. They’re so beautiful yet subtle, just the way I like my nails. While florals can sometimes look a little too sweet and cutesy, this is a cool girl take on the floral nail vibe.

Instead of your typical floral nail art, 这些假指甲 alternate lilac oval nails with clear floral-embellished nails for a look that’s super of-the-moment and never cheesy. 最好的部分是, these nails are more affordable than a trip to the salon, at $25 for the full set.


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这是另一个 迷人的紫色莱茵石指甲外观 that doesn’t require a trip to the salon for acrylics!

These 紫色的 glitter and rhinestone press-on nails give you the salon look for less. I love how they incorporate a rhinestone accent nail — the shape of the rhinestones almost makes that nail look studded! So cool and perfect if you have an edgy sense of style.

The full set of nails is available on Amazon 价格非常实惠.


正如我在im电竞体育的帖子中提到的 绿色的指甲的想法, 漩涡的指甲 have been EVERYWHERE this year and the trend looks super fun in 紫色的, too!

这是Etsy的一套钉子 takes the swirl look to the next level by incorporating a super cute heart detail and multiple shades of 紫色的. I love that the design is limited to the tips of the nails, so the nude color of the nail base still comes through. I would 100% rock these nails year round; they’re so adorable.


紫色和白色法式美甲 is such a chic way to try the 紫色的 nails trend. A white tip on 紫色的 nails is really unexpected, but the combo look amazing. I also love that this look is done on coffin-shaped nails for a trendy feel. These nails look so modern and cool.

这 would definitely be a look to get done at the salon, or you could do it the easy way and buy these exact press-on nails on Etsy. I love that they can be reused again and again, too.


云的指甲 are trending like crazy this year and 紫色的 cloud nails are such a cute idea. They remind me of a sunset on a summer day, and they’re so much fun. If I had these, I’d be staring at my nails all day long!

Once again, these nails are press-ons, available to buy as a full set on Etsy. You could also attempt these as a DIY if you have nail art skills — the clouds are pretty forgiving, so mistakes won’t be as noticeable.


这里有一个 优雅的紫色指甲造型 that’s a variation on the swirl nail idea seen earlier in this post. 这 one is more subtle than the first and includes a 紫色的 glitter swirl design on a 裸体钉 base.

I love how this nail idea is subtle yet still fun, the perfect mix if you love glitter but don’t want crazy, 你脸上的指甲. Just a cool, elegant nail idea to pair with all your neutral outfits for a pop of color.



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我一直盯着这些东西看 shimmering, holographic 紫色的 nails. They look like something out of a music video in the 2000s! I think short nails are absolutely perfect for rocking fun, almost psychedelic finishes like this. On long nails, this metallic look would be extremely bold, but on short nails, it just looks cool.

最好的部分是, 这些只要6美元.全套50英镑 of press-on nails — such an amazing deal for nails you can re-wear again and again.

Square and Short Light Purple Nails

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没有比这更简单的了 pretty 紫色的 french manicure on short nails. 而不是典型的白色尖端, just swap in your favorite shade of 紫色的, 像这种中淡紫色. 这 would also look awesome with a darker, bold 紫色的 for an edgier vibe.

You could absolutely DIY these at home, or get them done at any nail salon. 另外, 这些短指甲 are actually press-ons, available on Amazon, if you want something super quick and easy.


Oval nails are my favorite shape on short nails, and I’m obsessed with this pretty lilac shade on short, oval nails.

这 polish is by ColourLover Cosmetics on Etsy and it’s the perfect lilac creme with a hint of pink. Not too light, not too dark, and the perfect mix of pink and 紫色的. 这 one will look good on just about everyone.

最好的部分是, ColourLover’s nail polishes don’t contain the 10 most common chemicals found in nail polishes (Toluene, 甲醛, 苯甲酸脂类, 等). Also, their formulas are completely vegan!


到现在为止,你可能已经看到了 毛衣指甲趋势. 它是最顶尖的 冬天钉趋势 that has really taken off this year. It’s basically a 3-D nail effect that makes your nails look like they’re adorned with a knit pattern. They’re usually done in matte colors as well.

At first, I wasn’t sure about sweater nails, but they’ve really grown on me! I especially love them on short nails, as seen with 上面的假. 这 is another one of those looks that can be really statement-making on long nails, but becomes everyday-wearable on shorter nails. 紫色的也很漂亮.


You can never go wrong with any shade of glitter on your nails, and I absolutely love 大胆的紫色闪亮指甲 为了凉爽的季节. They just remind me of fall and winter somehow.

这 glitter nails idea becomes a little more interesting thanks to an ombré effect, mixing 紫色的 glitter on the tips into silver glitter on the bottoms of the nails. 这 would be a super easy look to DIY, or you could just snap up these nail wraps from Etsy!


To finish off our list of 紫色的 nail ideas, we have a classic — a bold 紫色的 nail polish with a metallic sheen and some subtle glitter. I honestly love this color on either short or long nails, it’s so pretty and unique. I especially love this for fall or Halloween nail looks!

If you want to cop this cool nail polish shade for yourself, it’s from BellaBosio on Etsy and 这个阴影叫做郁金香,一种“浅紫色的金属”.”

你喜欢紫色指甲吗? 你最喜欢哪个主意?

Tell me what you think in the comments. 紫色指甲被低估了吗? Which of these ideas would you be most likely to rock?